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                          Leonard J. Backer Associates LLC and Ultimo Furniture 

   Restaurant, hotel, casino, cruise ship, time share, outdoor, retail store, corporate, country club... Many years of successful hands-on experience with chairs, bar stools, lounge seating, outdoor furniture, tables and case goods sourced or manufactured for commercial furniture projects. Have worked directly with many proven highest quality factory sources and component suppliers to also manufacture custom designs to fit various budget price ranges and specific commercial and hospitality applications.

   Previously have set up and managed a "factory direct" program based on many years of successful experience in the furniture markets in product design and development, sourcing, private label manufacturing and marketing.  have participated as part of a highly experienced and successful team, previously working at companies such as Loewenstein, Haworth, EPIC Furniture Group (co-founded) and Brown Jordan International.   Our high quality factory operations had offered complete assembly, wood finishing, upholstery, product development, warehousing, inventory management, shipping and logistical support on an individual project or longer term "strategic partner" or catalog program basis.

   We also have extensive experience in assembling and finishing wood, metal, lounge and outdoor furniture products; previously working for various "name brand" manufacturers. Being vertically integrated and having established a large volume high quality operation, and with a large local supply of highly skilled and experienced furniture workers, we had the flexibility to quickly gear up or down, as project sizes and delivery dates required.  Our upholstered lounge seating design, development and manufacturing areas were also able to expand as new clients as volume warranted.


   Deep long term relationships had been established with many industry sources and suppliers; all proven, reliable and of the highest quality levels.  These highly capable resources were “brought together” within a support organization that clearly understood the various furniture markets and the unique servicing requirements of interior designers, dealers, purchasing companies and commercial end users.


   Quick response times, along with clear, concise and properly detailed quotations were always the first steps in satisfying any project requirements.  On time performance, solid engineering and guaranteed product quality were also vital elements in completing each order. 



                                                     LEONARD BACKER - CONSULTING SERVICES AND EXPERTISE

   Based on 28 years of extensive furniture industry experience in all areas, Leonard is available for short or long term consulting projects.  He has been successfully engaged by private equity firms, larger consulting organizations and other branded furniture manufacturers for general and strategic consulting on many topics and areas within the furniture industry.

   In addition, he has worked in litigation consulting and as an expert witness for law firms, insurance companies and other entities.  He has testified in various hearings, depositions and court proceedings.  His services are also available for dispute resolution in mediation or arbitration cases.  Please visit the "Furniture Expert Witness" page on this site for additional details.  Please also visit our new website:  7075970066 for more specific information.


   We encourage you to contact our office at any time, 7 days a week with your inquiries, consulting opportunities, development projects, private label manufacturing opportunities or any other furniture related matters.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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